Was chatting to Pam, one out our ninjas t’other day.


Pam, and husband Ronnie Senior and son Ronnie Junior, joined us late last year.


And all three of them have been doing great.


Pam mentioned that she was really feeling it after the session we’d just done.


And she might have to have the day off tomorrow.


“Excellent news” I replied.


You see, all the good stuff happens to your body while it’s recovering.


A workout can create the right conditions within your body for the positive change.


But it’s during the rest that that change occurs.


We’d much, much rather someone challenged themselves in a session and had to have a few days rest here and there.


Than dropped the intensity on their sessions so they could fit some more in.


If you find yourself ‘holding back’ in a session because you’ve got another workout planned.


Then stop.


Give it your all.


And then have a rest if needed.


Much love,


Jon ‘Holding back the years ‘ Hall and Matt ‘If you don’t know me by know’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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