I was out with some old school chums a few weeks ago.
It’s a group that likes to take the piss out of each other.
Which is cool.
I give as good as I get 😉
One thing they often comment on is me having spray tans.
They’ve made jokes about this since I had my first pro wrestling match, which most of them came to watch, 13 years ago.
Thing is though, I hadn’t had a spray tan that day.
And I’ve only ever had two in my entire life, both in 2014 (one for a photo shoot and one for my last match).
So the first 11 years of these jokes were completely unfounded.
They also reckon I was “wearing spandex” and got my “head kicked in by a girl”.
Despite neither thing being in anyway true.
As the video of the event shows.
My mother in law seems to reckon I spray tan all the time too.
Hey Anne! 🙂
Although I wouldn’t call twice in a lifetime particularly regular.
She seems to have confused me with my wife who has maybe two or three of them a year (still not much).
One of our ninjas, Dave ‘The Destroyer’ Waters, sent me a link to an interesting article the other day.
And how, when the Weapons Inspectors found now evidence of weapons, this didn’t seem to lead to the obvious questioning as to whether they exist.
But, rather it seemed to cause further strengthening of the opinion that they did.
It experiments where groups are given information which, essentially, disproves something they hold to be true…….
This rarely leads to a change in opinion……..
And, invariably to a strengthening of what they already felt.
It’s a tendency called cognitive dissonance’.
And we see it all the time with health and fitness stuff.
There are certain ways that have been shown repeatedly are better to eat and exercise.
Scientific studies show them to be true time and time again.
Sure, we appreciate the science can change over time.
And some of what was held to be true has since

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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