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I’d assume over the last handful of years the majority of us have become familiar with the term “non-binary”.

A quick google gives the definition as “”someone who does not identify as a man or a woman, or solely as one of those two genders” which, I’m hopeful is a fair, if brief, description.

At a more broad level, it can be defined as “not relating to, composed of, or involving just two things”.

Which is something that applies to us all.

In more aspects of our life than we might realise.

We might describe something a binary.

One or the other.

A or B.

A 0 or a 1.

Black or White.

But it’s often not the case.

Often a description we’ve used to, without realising it, justify our choice of that A or B.

0 or 1.

But there’s usually shades of grey in there.

Other letters and numbers.

What we might think of as A or B could be anything between A and Z.

Between 1 and 100.

When we tell ourselves that we “don’t have time to exercise” we’re probably thinking of a version of what exercise looks like that it a 70 or 90 on the scale.

Three Sessions a week, every week at RISE.

Five hour-long, gruelling workouts.

And we don’t feel we can do that some weeks.

So we do the equivalent of that 0.

When we could do a 30 or 50.

A Session or two at RISE.

Something at home.

Anything that “elicits a response in the body that will improve or maintain some aspect of health and fitness” (what exercise is, however else we might choose to describe it).

Or we think of healthy eating as living like a monk.

And when we feel that we can’t do that, we go a bit mental.

When we could just trim a few portion sizes and make a few tactical swaps to create enough of an average deficit to go in the right direction.

Or we lump all foods into “boring” or “treats”.

Things as being “restrictive” or “free”.

We’re “on it” or “fallen off the wagon”.

However we might consider our gender, it’s worth remembering that pretty much all aspects of our life are none-binary.

If making something black or white works for us, that’s cool.

If it hasn’t, then remembering that there are shades of grey in-between…………

And picking the shade the benefits us the most each time we’re faced with a choice…………

Might just serve us better overall!

Much love,

Jon ‘Ally’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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