I’m writing this blog on the train yesterday (although, it’s today right now, I must admit).

I’m on my way down to Poole for an event called ThruDark that I’m doing today (tomorrow).

20k along the Jurrassic Coast with some ex-military types who I’m pretty sure are going to do mean things to me.

It’s the quarterly meet up for the coaching programme that I’m part of (I’ll come to that tomorrow / Saturday).

Anyway, there’s a lady sat in the seat across the aisle from me.

I’m not one to listen in to other people’s conversations, but sometimes you can’t ignore them.

She’s spent ages complaining to someone that “the train keeps stopping”, “we’ve barely moved”, “we’re not getting anywhere”, “we’re ages behind”, “I’ll be hours late” and that “it’s awful” and “horrible”.

The punchline was that, just after getting off her lenghty diatribe, the train manager announced “Aplogies for the delay. We’re currently running 12 minutes behind schedule but should be able to make this up and get into London on time”.

I get it though.

Our problems can easily seem much worse than they are if we allow them to.

If anything, we’re constantly being taught by the media (social and conventional) and other people that things are worse than they are.

That the “world’s going to the dogs”.

“We’ve never had it so bad”.

“Nothing’s going well”.

When I ask people what they’re looking forward to in a week, they struggle to answer.

“The end of it” being the most common response.

If I ask people “What’s gone well this week?” they usually answer “\with Nothing”.

Despite nearly everything they’ve set out to do going exactly as planned.

Allowing the handful of sub-optimal occurrences to blind them to the reality.

Without realising it, we have been trained, and have trained ourselves, to identify, highlight and ruminate on the “less good” way more frequently and easily than the good.

And, as with changing any skill or ability (because that’s what it is), the answer is to train ourselves in the other direction.

Every morning, as part of my aforementioned coaching group, I write down one absolute must thing to do that day and three other important things.

And then record that evening if I’ve done them.

Sure, I could just not do them, but 99% of the time I do because I’ve set that clear intention.

And I record my three biggest wins of the day.

Every day.

Over 1,000 per year.

And I record my “magic moments”.

Special instances that have occurred, that I want to remember.

Same as any skill, starts hard.

But, after years of doing it, it’s super easy.

And I guarantee you (I’ll literally eat a hat) that you’d feel better about your life as it is……..

And achieve more in it……..

If you did the same!

Or, like the lady on the train next to me, you can carry on thinking things are worse than they are.

Answering questions like “What are you looking forward to?” and “What’s gone well this week?” with “Nothing”!

Your call!

Much love,

Jon ‘Sir Topham Hat’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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