Hey guys,


No this isn’t a clever subject title to get you to read this.


Today myself (Jon), James Kirwan, Paul Baker and (work allowing) Alan Motyer-Lowndes will be climbing the 108 Steps in Macclesfield non stop for 24 hours to raise money for ‘Children with Cancer’.


Total 8,805 metres up and down.


Like climbing and descending Everest in 24 hours (kinda).


We started at 10am and need to climb up and down the steps (from Waters Green up to St. Michael’s Church) every 2m and 24s for a full day.


We should finish at 10am tomorrow, if it’s possible to make it that far.


And we’ll be joined at various parts of the day by dozens of other kick-ass warriors who want to help a great cause.


So, if you like and appreciate these blogs…….


Or if you’re a member whose life we’ve helped change……..


You feel that such a ridiculous undertaking deserves sponsoring………


Or you just think helping kids with cancer is a nice thing to do………


Then please donate whatever you can at www.justgiving.com/24houreverestclimb



Pretty, pretty please with (no) sugar on top!!!!!!! 🙂


That link again – www.justgiving.com/24houreverestclimb



Much love,


Jon ‘This will hurt’ Hall and Matt ‘Kilamanjaro’ Nicholson


P.S. No briefing meeting link today – just this one: www.justgiving.com/24houreverestclimb


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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