You’ll probably know that we recommend tracking food for a handful of days to help get insights into what changes we could make to achieve the goals we desire.

To help us get clarity on portion sizes for someone of our size and activity levels.

It’s not that we can’t make positive, lasting changes to our eating without tracking………

It just adds a level of precision, and of accountability, that we won’t get without.

Without the accuracy of tracking………

We are guessing and hoping, to a degree.

And that’s much the same with the tracking of another finite resource with sometimes struggle with.


I had a pound for every time someone told me they were “too busy”………

And I suggested we looked at their schedule to see what tweaks we could make……….

And they didn’t have a schedule……….

It was “All in my head”……….

Well I wouldn’t be retiring, but I’d have quite a few pounds.

Without accurate data on where our time goes……….

Making better use of it………

Will involve guessing and hoping, to a degree

Much like doing the equivalent with our food, tracking our time is “a bit of a pain in the @rse”.

But a high return-on-investment pain.

3 to 5 days of jotting down what we’re doing every 15 minutes will soon help us identify;

– What we can stop doing

– What we can do less of

– What we can “batch” (similar tasks done in similar places using similar resources that can be done together)

– What we can get done some other way or by someone else

Just like saying we “can’t seem to lose weight” when we’re unwilling to account for what we’re eating that’s causing that……….

Saying we’re “too busy” when we’re unwilling to account for what we’re doing that’s causing that……..

Will probably just leave us “stuck”.

——— Check if you’d like to get “unstuck” and get some amazing results you haven’t gotten by yourself! ———-

Much love,

Jon ‘Is he wearing a hat?’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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