We’re not interested in ‘motivating’ you [Read this is you struggle with “motivation”]

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Out of all the things that people tell us they struggle with, “motivation” is the number one.

Which I get.

We start out all excited when we begin something new.

We feel full of energy and enthusiasm for something.

After a week or two that has waned somewhat.

And we don’t really feel like it.

It soon becomes a bit of a pain.

And it starts to slip.

Until we realise we haven’t done it for a while.

And feel that we have to “start again” at some point.

The thing is though, no one is motivated to do a workout.

No one is motivated to make those better food choices.

Not directly.

If we wait to be motivated to do them, we’ll be waiting for a very long time.

We have things we value in life.

The sort of person we see ourselves being and becoming.

The kind of life we want to live.

What we hold to be important to us.

We try and live our lives in line with other people’s values and it’s a struggle.

Our parents, other halves, friends, society as whole.

That’s when our lives are filled with “ought tos”, “shoulds” and “need tos”.

All stuff we don’t really want to do.

Live our life in line with what we value and it all gets much easier.

We’re already motivated by what we value.

There are things in our lives that we’ve done consistently for years or decades aren’t they?

Because we value them.

Or we can see how they tie into what we value.

Maybe we turn up for work absolutely fine.

Because we value doing it.

Or we value the money it brings and what that allows us to do with our lives that’s important to us.

Or a mixture of the two.

Maybe we value family.

Or creativity, enthusiasm, being a leader, relaxation, ease, challenge, variety, setting a good example, being present or any of hundreds of other things.

If we can see how exercise and better eating choice tie in to that………….

We don’t need to create motivation, it’s already there.

A slight shift in how we see it can mean we have all the motivation we ever need for these things because we see how it helps us live the kind of life we want to.

The most important thing in the world for us being a parent?

What helps with that?

More energy, better mood, more patience, etc?

What helps with that?

Exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep.

What to do important things at work and / or earn loads of money?

What helps with that?

Energy, stamina, focus?

What helps with that?

Exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep.

Want to be able to relax and connect with people that are important to us?

What helps with that?

Getting all our work and other stuff done quickly and effectively, having other areas of our life ‘in order’ so we genuinely can relax and not be worrying about them?

What helps with that?

Exercise, eating well and getting enough sleep.


If there were no benefits to healthy eating and exercise, I doubt anyone would do them.

I know I wouldn’t.

We’re not motivated by the process.

No one is.

But we can tie that process into what we are already motivated by.

By how those things helps us live a life that we want to.

What are you motivated by?

And how does healthier eating and exercise help with that?

Much love,

‘Mr’ Jon Hall

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