Superhuman 1 -


We get this a lot….


Its ok for you guys you super fit and can do anything….


Really….I will come back to this later.


You see it doesn’t matter where you start from just as long as you start.


We have people from all walks of life in our Group Personal Training clubs.


We have people who are 30+ stone and people who compete in Tough Mudder events.


But it does not matter if you are super fit or not as long as you turn up that is all that matters.


Because you have a Personal Trainer with you in every sessions we adapt the session to you so it’s never “Too hard”


As for “us” being super fit and that we don’t understand where people come from etc let me explain my story.


I was diagnosed with quite a bad heart murmur when I was born.

Superhuman 2 -

I had to go for checks up every 6 months when I was younger (I used to enjoy these as it was a day off school haha)


But one of my valves in my heart only opens about ½ way.


So the doctor basically said there is nothing they can I do I just have to live with it.


But I will never be as “Fit” as the next person who has a normal heart.


This came to light in my teens when I played a lot of sports. I was great at sprinting etc but when it came to long distance running I was always at the back.


Even now I try to run once or twice a week but I do struggle with anything long distance and always will.


To make matters worse when I was 18 my L5 Disk budged out of my spine which caused me severe pain for 4 years.

Superhuman 3 -

This wasn’t mine but it looked just like this the first scan


I had 2 MRI scans and on the first it had just budged out but the 2nd the disk had popped and all the liquid had come out.


 Superhuman 4 -

The 2nd was like this but I remember the disk being a bit thinner and my other disks were whiter.

The disk was black on the scan and you could see it was in bad shape compared to all my other disks.


The doctors said it was the disk of a 90 year old.


Great!!!!!!! Just what I need to hear when I am only 22.


Because of my age they could not operate as it was too risky.


I have now learnt to live with this and using my trigger point knowledge I can keep my surrounding muscles very solid around my spine so I can live with it.

Superhuman 5 -

So I know where you are coming from when you say “It’s hard” because it is but its worth it in the end.


I could have used my back as an excuse as the doctor said I can get disability with it when I was in pain. So I could have sat on my couch all day and got paid?


Sod that for a life. I used it as inspiration to keep going and keep training. I don’t use it as an excuse.


So next time you are faced with something difficult use it as an excuse to DO IT and not NOT to do it.





Much love


Matt “Bad Back” Nicholson.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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