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Have you ever ended up driving to your old house or former place of work?

Pulled up and realised what you’ve done?

I assume we all have.

We’ve been on autopilot.

Our subconscious brain running through a ‘programme’ it’s become very familiar with.

Essentially sleep walking through a series of actions.

And it’s not just with where we’re going that we do this.

It’s with what we’re doing.

There’s research that says that up to 95% of our decisions on a daily basis are subconscious.

Done with little to no conscious thought.

And that will usually lead us to doing the same thing(s) that we’re previously done.

Whether that’s where we’re going, what we’re doing (or not) or what we’re eating and drinking.

Just doing it on autopilot.

Which is fine.

Until it isn’t.

If what we’re doing on auto pilot is serving us, that’s cool.

If it’s not, it might be worth doing something to “wake up” from that sleepwalk we’re in.

A conscious plan.

A specific intention of what to do.

Not just “exercise more” and / or “eat better”.

But a specific plan of what that will look like.

When it will happen.

Why it’s beneficial.

As with any change, a degree of effort to start with.

But becomes easier with time.

Like when we move house.

A conscious effort of where to drive to………..

Soon becomes our unconscious route we give little to no thought to.

All our actions can be the same.

Much love,

Jon ‘Lived in 16 houses’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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