As any Facebook user in the Macclesfield area will have noticed, our ninjas like to ‘Check In’ at RISE.


It’s always interesting to see what people’s friends comment below these check ins.


The vast majority are friendly and supportive.


As you’d hope.


But you do get some negative comments.


Got one of our ninjas ‘friends’ who’s taken to writing ‘fat club’ under everything to do with RISE on Facebook.


We banned him from the page weeks ago but he keeps putting that on his friends ‘Check Ins’.


Which is lovely of him!


We had one person call us a cult on someone’s status the other day.


Which was a relief!


As we’ve not been called a cult for a little while and we used to get it all the time.


We were concerned we weren’t doing our job properly 😉


One definition of a cult we found on t’interweb is “a relatively small group of people having beliefs or practices regarded as strange”.


Which sounds like us.


We’ve talked before about how ‘being normal’ isn’t something to aspire to.


After all, normal nowadays is overweight, unhealthy, unhappy and may die younger than it has to.


There’s also the connotations of brain washing.


Which is exactly what we’re trying to do to you with these emails.


Bit by bit cleansing the mind sets which have got people somewhere they don’t want to be.


Leaving a pristine, focused mind which can get people where they wan to be.


And cults have leaders.


A small number of people who are willing to put their head above the parapets for something they believe in.


People willing to face ridicule and condemnation for doing what they strongly to believe to be the right thing to do.


Cults aren’t necessarily bad.


We’re don’t sacrifice animals and bathe in their blood (not in the club anyway).


We don’t have dozens of ‘wives’.


Thankfully 😉


We think, as far as cults go, we’re a good one to join.



Much love,


Jon ‘David Koresh’ Hall and Matt ‘Charles Manson’ Nicholson

What a cult Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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