Fire breathing not that hard – just need to do it

As well as the world record and sky dive, I also learned to breathe fire last weekend.

Partly as part of my never ending quest to keep my children entertained.

I’d learned how to do it on Thursday from a friend in Macc.

And busted it out on Halloween to amuse the kids (you can have look at a vid here if you’re interested –

“Daddy, did a dragon teach you that?” my eldest asked.

Harsh on Heather I thought 😉

People have been asking me since if it was hard.

It was surprisingly easy I must admit.

Bit of vasoline on the old boat race.

Pour some white spirit into my mouth.

Hold some lit torches in front of my face then blow out in a certain way while pulling the flames away.

It just takes a willingness to actually do it.

Same with a lot of the things you need to do to transform your lives and bodies.

Not actually that difficult.

You just need to get your head in the game and actually do them.

Going to the shop and choosing heathy stuff rather than non healthy is no more effort.

Neither is the eating of it.

Improving your sleep can be less effort.

When you’ve cracked it, and you’re asleep, that’s, literally, zero effort.

It’s the stories we tell ourselves that make these things seem harder than they actually are.

The reasons we give that we “can’t” do something.

Or that XYZ means that ABC has to happen.

Next time you find yourself thinking you can’t do something, ask yourself if it’s really true.

Is doing it really much harder than doing something else (you’ll do something else when you would’ve been eating well or exercising, we’re sure)?

Or is it just different effort?

Much love,

Jon ‘Puff’ Hall and Matt ‘Zogg’ Nicholson

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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