My kids have randomly taken to watching Romeo And Juliet recently.

The 1968 Film version.
They all love it.
I glanced up the other day and it was he scene where Tybalt (or Tibbles as I call him to wind the kids up) kills Mercutio.
Romeo chases after him and they have a scuffle.
Romeo than kills (Mr.) Tibbles (The Cat) ‘kinda accidentally’.
“I am fortunes fool” he laments.
But, what did he expect to happen?
You chase after the guy that just killed your mate.
You both have swords.
What did you think was going to happen Romeo?
I get it of course.
Dude was angry.
His ‘hot system’ had kicked in.
And he was making decisions on impulse.
Decisions he’d soon regret.
If he’d walked away, calmed down and ‘had a think’, things might have been different.
We’ve all been there.
Letting our hot systems make our decisions on auto pilot.
It might not have involved running your new wife’s cousin through with a sword.
Hopefully not at least.
Most people’s regular ‘hot system’ decisions are based on food and drink choices.
Those tempting ‘treats’ people bring into work.
The take out on the way home.
The bottle of wine in the fridge.
All things that are in the ‘here and now’.
When we distance ourselves from our decisions…….
In time, location, etc……..
It becomes easier to make the decisions that will serve us better.
When we do an online food order and decide what we’ll eat next Thursday………
It’s much easier to make a better choice than if you wait till Thursday lunchtime.
Same with batch cooking meals ahead of time.
Same with any planning ahead.
The more we can ‘walk away’ from our decisions………
The more our sensible ‘cool system’ kicks in.
And the less likely we are to do the food and drink equivalent of stabbing some dude in the chest.
Much love,
‘Friar’ Jon Hall and Matt ‘Valentine’ Nicholson
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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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