Erika is another one of our many lovely ninjas.


She started with us at the start of Feb.


And is generally doing great.


She had a bad weekend the other weekend.


As she explained in the Facebook group:


“I failed both JERF and FTDI… I am very disappointed and take full responsibility”


The good news was, however, was:


“I’ve learned a couple of things”


  1. Don’t underestimate importance of sleep
  2. Don’t underestimate the impact stress has on both eating and sleep
  3. Starting the day right is very very important
  4. Prepare visits with friends and family like you would your food prep. Speaking to them beforehand is way way easier than when you are sitting in front of a set meal
  5. If you have bad habits for certain situations make sure you have a strategy to avoid them
  6. Leave instructions for food prep if you can’t do it yourself…


Don’t really think we need to expand on that do we?


Great points, which we hope you’ll find useful 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Loves a good sleep’ Hall and Matt ‘Bad habits aren’t related to food’ Nicholson


P.S. Last chance to book into (or remind a friend of) the find-out-more briefing meeting tonight –

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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