I talked yesterday about the distinction between working “hard” and the ticking of the boxes of what needs to be done.
I remember 15 years ago being interviewed for the Area Manager role I did for the next few years.
It was self employed and, amongst the other questions I asked, was “What are the hours?”
“It’s outcome based” Andrew the co-owner replied.
“If you’re hitting your targets I don’t mind if you do it in 5 hours a week.”
“If you’re not, 50 hours isn’t enough.”
I quickly learned what were the important boxes to be ticked in that job and made sure that ticked they were.
Was that job “hard”?
Is what I’ve done at RISE for the last decade plus “hard”?
I dunno.
My Dad was a farmer all his working life.
As were my Grandpa and Uncles.
12 hours of physical labour a day.
7 days a week.
365 days a year (the cows still needed milking on Christmas Day).
I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to describe what I do as “hard” compared to them.
Which is why I question when I hear that other FitPros have described themselves as “working harder” than I do (something that occasionally filters back to my ears).
They might work more hours (even then, that might not be true).
But, again, they’re mistaking “working long” for “working hard”.
What I would say I do…………..
That some FitPros might not………….
That is, in some ways, “hard”…………
Is push myself outside of my comfort zone.
Learning new skills.
Trying things that aren’t comfortable.
Having difficult conversations with people.
Taking risks with things.
Constantly working on up levelling my skill sets in both my professional and personal life.
Investing in training, coaching and support.
Many FitPros who may (or may not) work more hours than me won’t always be willing to do those things.
Because they can be hard.
If the only way we can look to improve our results in anything is to spend progressively more hours on doing it………..
Then we’re quickly going to hit a ceiling with the results we’ll get.
A willingness to get out of our comfort zone………..
To do things that don’t always feel nice……….
To make mistakes and learn from them………..
Is where our biggest growth and results will come (for help and support in challenging yourself and for results that hundreds have achieved with us, having never achieved them before, then take the next step with our 8 week starter programme at www.myrise.co.uk/apply).
Much love,
Jon ‘Hard knock life’ Hall

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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