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Have you ever felt overwhelmed?


I assume you answered yes to both?

I’d be amazed if anyone said no to either.

Overwhelm particularly appears to be a term used ever more frequently in recent years.

Google’s Ngram Viewer has shown usage of the word in books has tripled in my lifetime (1980 represent!).

We’re talking about it more than ever.

Yet, despite all this conversation, we report that we feel it more than ever too.

If you’ve read these blogs for any length of time, you might know that sometimes we talk about “doing something” about a situation.

And sometimes we might look at reframing the situation.

Or, often, a combination of the two.

So how else could we choose to look at overwhelm and stress?

Could we try on for size the idea that they’re not necessarily bad things?

That they are, perhaps, the emotions of growth?

That they can be a perfectly natural response to us challenging ourselves?

That they are, perhaps, unavoidable?

That we can, at best, choose the versions of them we have?

That we can choose the overwhelm of doing lots of things that have a positive impact on our lives…………

Instead of the overwhelm of feeling that we’re failing and that our life is passing us by?

And could we choose the “eustress” of positive challenge, forward progress, achievement, fulfilment and growth………….

Over the “distress” of frustration, dissatisfaction and perception of personal shortcomings and failure?

Ultimately, no emotion is fundamentally bad.

They all have their place.

They all exist for a reason.

And they’re not going anywhere.

Changing how we perceive them and what we make them mean, ad the types of them we get, is sometimes all we can do.

As I mentioned earlier, could we try on for size the idea that overwhelm and stress aren’t necessarily bad things?

That they are, perhaps, the emotions of growth?

Much love,

Jon ‘No, no, Joey, U-N-I-sex. Heh, ain’t gonna say no to that’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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