What is a peer group? [A different definition]

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How would you define the term “peer group”?

I would imagine we mostly go for something along the lines this definition:

“a group of people of approximately the same age, status, and interests”

Maybe “the people we spend the most time with”.

I heard a definition the other day that I thought was pretty powerful:

“A group of people we will modify our behaviour to fit in with and get their approval”

We all have multiple groups of people in our lives.

Maybe physically – at home, at work, etc.

Maybe virtually – work again, the news sources we consume, our social media contacts, etc.

People who’s presence in our lives draws our behaviour towards their average.

None of our friends eat well and exercise regularly?

There’s a pretty good chance we’ll end up doing the same.

Our phone regularly expose us to bad news and gossip?

Our mind will get drawn that way, think the world’s in a mess and spend our time thinking and talking about that.

The people around us not trying to achieve things and questioning why we are?

We probably won’t do those things we’d quite like to.


We can upgrade our peer groups.

We can chose the information we allow into our brain.

Be selective with what our phone and TV puts in there.

We can immerse ourselves in groups of people that have a higher standard in an area we would like to.

Going to sessions at RISE isn’t just about the physical benefit of a single workout (relatively minimal, despite what most FitPros will tell you).

It’s about being around people who are exercising and eating well and making progress.

And that natural pull to change our behaviour to fit in.

It doesn’t mean we need to leave other peer groups completely (stop seeing family and friends).

But we can upgrade the average.

The amount of time and focus we give to different ones.

Much love,

Jon ‘of the realm’ Hall

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