I mentioned this in our daily video in our member’s only group.


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But, I thought it worth mentioning here too.


One of the most ‘limiting’ beliefs we can have on our journey to lose weight, get fit, etc……..


Is that of ‘dichotomous thinking’.


‘All or nothing’.


‘Black or white’.


Where, if something can’t be perfect, it goes straight to awful.


Which can manifest itself in things being ‘written off’.


Meals, days, weekends, weeks, months or years.


When an amount eating isn’t as people would like……..


And they ‘write off’ the rest of the the above time frames.


The thing is, though, this phrase doesn’t actually make any sense.


When you think about it.


The definition of a ‘write off’ is “a vehicle or other object that is too badly damaged to be repaired”.


Where the cost of repair outweighs the value of the object.


Eg: £1,000 to repair, only worth £500.


Cost > Benefit.


When you look at writing off meals, days, etc through this definition it fails on both sides.


The cost of eating ‘well’ for the rest of the meal, next meal, etc?




Often actually the opposite of a cost.


Not buying that pudding or the extra 5 pints will save money.


Adjusting food the next day to ‘average out’ will probably save money and time.


And the benefit?


Moving towards your goal of a body you like the look and / or feel of, more energy, improved healthy and so on.


Zero (or less) cost.


Positive benefit.


Benefit > Cost.


There is no way a meal, day, etc can be, accurately, ‘written off’.


And when we see though this self-limiting belief………


When we see there are ‘shades of grey’………


That life isn’t ‘all or nothing’………


It makes it way easier for us to make the choices that will take us towards our goal more often than we make ones that will take us away.



Much love,


Jon ‘Wrong off’ Hall and Matt ‘Draw On’ Nicholson


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