In the last few weeks, in various ways, we’ve spoken to both staff / coaches and members / users of the following:


Slimming Clubs



Running clubs


And pretty much all of them have expressed surprise that we’re not ‘anti’ what they do.


Because most everyone else they meet is.


Our industry is sadly full of people who are too busy slating what everyone else does and not spending enough time and energy on helping the people that need them.


There are plenty of approaches out there that ‘aren’t our cup of tea’.


And we wouldn’t chose to recommend them.


But doesn’t mean that others can’t find them useful and effective.


In choosing what approach to follow there’s only two criteria that really matter in our book:


  1. Does it get you in the right direction if you do it (weight loss, improved health, etc)?


  1. Do you enjoy it and can see yourself doing it for the rest of your life?


The answer for most options to Question 1 is a yes.


At least in the weight loss criteria – health is sometimes questionable.


It’s number two that’s the big one.


If you don’t like it and won’t maintain it, it’s kinda pointless.


I don’t particularly enjoy running.


Nothing against it, just not something I enjoy.


And I absolutely hate being hungry.


So my approach doesn’t involve either.


There’s plenty of options out there.


Life is both too short and too long to force yourself to do something you don’t enjoy.


Speed of results is nice, but kinda pointless if you drop out of something because you don’t like it.


You need to find something that works AND you enjoy.


And keep doing it.


If you haven’t found that already, you might like to check out our find-out-more meeting later this month – see for more details.


Much love,


Jon ‘A Cup Of Tea Isn’t My Cup Of Tea’ Hall and Matt ‘Claims to be the fastest man ever from Buxton’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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