I mentioned yesterday that we get the occasional arsey comment on our Facebook posts.

95% of comments are positive and encouraging.

But some not so much.

Sometimes these comments are on member success posts.

Charming stuff like “still fat”.

In 99% of those cases, a quick check of the commenters’ own profile reveals, let’s say, less progress on their own health, fitness and body shape.

I immediately delete those ones.

Sometimes it’s comments on my physique.

Nearly always from less successful FitPros.

People in better shape than me (leaner, bigger muscles, stronger, etc).

But, again, a quick look at their profile suggests that their fitness business isn’t exactly setting the world alight.

The irony, of course, is that……………..

If we knew what we had to do to get those body shapes…………..

I’m sure the vast majority of the population would swap physiques with me rather than those other FitPros.

If these are the options;

1. Spend 45 minutes working out 3 or 4 times a week…….. eat generally well but still socialise, eat with the family and have a life……….. be in pretty good shape and have good energy levels………. or

2. Spend two hours a day in the gym……… eat chicken and broccoli out of tupperware…………. avoid social situations (or take your own food)……… look like a fitness magazine cover model…………

Then I think many would prefer Option 1.

And I often feel like replying to these comments with “You know potential clients might see this and think “If this guy thinks Jon is “flabby”, has “skinny legs” and a “poor chest”, what will he think of me?” (I nearly put s/he but it’s always, always he).

There’s nothing wrong with wanting an amazing physique.

But for most of us, what it takes isn’t worth it.

Deciding on a knowingly sub-optimal approach that we’re happy to maintain……….

And getting “good enough” results………….

Is where it’s at for most (check www.myrise.co.uk/apply if you’d be happy with that)!

Much love,

Jon ‘Those who ridicule my physique are usually 20 years younger than me, have no kids, live with their mum and aren’t riddled with injuries and aches and pains’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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