Sally is our lone Geordie ninja.


We used to have another in James, but he’s been summoned back to the homeland.


How you doin’ James? I think you still read these 🙂


She was out with us at the social the other weekend ( if you want to find out more about going somewhere where people get great results AND have fun).


After a few drinks, the accent came back full strength and I had no idea what she was saying 😉


Thankfully, when I was chatting to her after a session last week, she was sober and I could tell what she was saying.


Sober for a Geordie anyway 😉


She’d got an eye mask for Christmas.


And she’s taken to wearing it overnight.


And, despite not being a ‘bad’ sleeper before, she’s been amazed what a difference it’s made.


The same number of hours in bed.


But waking considerably more refreshed.


Loads more energy in the morning and throughout the day.


Feeling generally loads better.




Sleep is an often forgotten factor in the olde weight loss / fitness / health equation.


Very, very few people get enough quality sleep every night.


I’m fairly safe betting that you’d like some more (or at least better) sleep, wouldn’t you?


The good news are there are tonnes of things you can do to help.


All little, relatively easy things.


Often so small and innocuous that people don’t bother doing them as they’re not convinced they’ll make a difference.


But all the research, and our experience, shows they will in many cases.


So, here goes:


  • Make sure your bedroom is COMPLETELY dark – no street lighting coming in, LEDs from alarms, phones, chargers, etc.


  • No electrical items (phones, iPads, etc) near your head.


  • Minimal tech (as above) for an hour before bed.


  • Magnesium salt baths.


  • Supplementing with zinc and magnesium tablets.


  • Write down the thoughts zipping through your head – literally, with a pen and paper.



Most people reading this will think “Yeah, that sounds nice”


But won’t actually try any of these.


And carry on not sleeping well and not feeling great.


Don’t be most people.



Much love,


Jon ‘Dopey’ Hall and Matt ‘Doc’ Nicholson


P.S. Podcast 3 (11 really) is up. It’s with Rachel Cuthbert and we talk about the effect of what people tell you when you’re young, a lifetime of thinking you’re ‘just big’, what happens when you change that mindset and much, much more. Click here to hear it on iTunes, here for other podcast software and here for on the website


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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