The other Monday I had pretty much the same conversation in all six of the Session that I took down at RISE.

With people expressing that there were struggling with “motivation” at that point.

For several it was down to the change in their logistics due to the school holidays.

For some it was just part of the natural flow and ebb of how we feel about things.

In each conversation we talked about what I think are two of the major realisations about motivation that help us.

1. ‘Motivation’ is a ‘nice to have’

We don’t actually need motivation.

Results come from a process irrespective of how we feel about doing the process, all else being equal.

We can still do the thing when we don’t really feel like doing it.

And, if over 20 years of both looking after my own health and fitness and helping other people do the same, has taught me anything………

It’s that the majority of our results come from what we do when we don’t feel motivated rather than when we do.

2. Motivation is, at best, an “after emotion”

It comes from doing rather than waiting.

If we exercise and make better food choices when we don’t feel like doing them, we will feel like doing them much sooner than if we just wait to feel like doing them.

When you were a kid and you’d lost something your mum would say “Where did you last see it?” (or mine would anyway).

Motivation is the same.

You were probably last motivated to eat better and exercise when you were eating better and exercising.

That’s where you will find it, over time, rather than waiting for it to find you (if you haven’t yet found somewhere you actually enjoy exercising once you’ve gotten there, it’s here —> .

Much love,

Jon ‘feisty Vancouver homicide detective tracks down the most cunning of killers’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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