What’s 7×7?


It is, of course, 49.


The majority of you will have got that pretty quickly.


Probably didn’t even need to work it out.


It’s ‘stuck’ in there from all that repetition at school.


Same as most things.


The more you do them, the more they stick.


The easier they become.


Until they don’t require any thought.


Very minimal effort.


It’s the same with the changes people need to make to get in shape.


Hard to start with.


Get easier with repetition.


Until they’re second nature.


It’s the getting through the first bit that’s hard.


Plain sailing from then on in.


People often give up on something when they’re so close to that breakthrough.


They’ll work hard at eating healthily and exercising for a month.


And stop because they can’t face that hard work for the rest of their life.


Not relaxing that another couple of weeks later it would be easier.


A few more weeks, easier still.


And so on.


That’s why we do the 8 week challenge not a 4 week one, you see? myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting


All you need to do is ‘break the back’ of it.


Get past that ‘hump’ after which it gets progressively easier.


‘Motivation’ and ‘Willpower’ can get you going.


But they are finite resources.


They’ll run out.


You just need to use them to get you past that difficult phase.


To get new systems incorporated into your life.


To get to those habits installed.


Doing healthy food shops becomes a habit.


Working out becomes a habit.


Hydrating properly becomes a habit.


Doing things to help with sleep and stress become habits.


It’s not hard work forever.


Like learning your times tables wasn’t.



Much love,


Jon ‘Why do timetables only go up to 12?’ Hall and Matt ‘What’s wrong with 13?’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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