A fickle mistress.

The thing that we feel we lose.

And need to regain to make progress.

But do we?

As I’ve mentioned before, results come from doing, irrespective of how we feel about it.

Motivation is, essentially, “feeling like it”.

But we can still do it without feeling like it.

For the same benefits.

What we perhaps need is…….


An ability to do “it” even when we don’t feel like doing it.

And, like any ability, we get better with practice.

Do someone when we don’t feel like doing it and we’ll find that easier over time.

Experience probably shows us that we will probably then feel like it more as well.

Motivation often being an “after emotion” at best.

But, either way, it’s worth remembering that results come more from what we do when we don’t feel like it than when we do.

From discipline, not motivation.

Much love,

Jon ‘Is Destiny’ Hall

P.S. The sweet spot is really to develop discipline whilst being in environment that also helps generate motivation. It’s here BTW –>


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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