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I had a question the other day.

Well, I probably had hundreds.

Most of them from my oldest son.

But I’ll have had a fair number from members to.

This one was “What’s the easiest way to tell if you’re in a calorie deficit?”

It’s a pretty easy one to answer.

“You’ll be losing weight”.

Variations in our resting metabolic rate (what we mean when we say “metabolism” – how much energy our body uses at rest) are minimal when people are matched for body size.

+/- 80 calories per day the research shows.

But, whatever our metabolic rate is……..

Weight loss occurs when we’re in a deficit.

In every controlled study ever done.

When everything is monitored so tightly that energy in versus energy out……..

Is controlled to within 20 calories…….

Everyone ever tested lost weight.

At very similar rates.

Maybe variations in the composition – water, body fat, lean tissues, etc.

But everyone lost weight and everyone lost fat.

If we could show that we didn’t lose weight in a verified, sustained, average deficit……..

We would be the first person ever.

Knowing that is powerful.

Changes the conversation in our head.

From one of being a victim of our metabolism and genetics……..

To just realising we haven’t been in a calorie deficit.

Even if we thought we were.

Maybe we’d calculated we were.

But, again, unless we’re that first person ever, there’s something missing in those calculations.

The easiest way to tell if you’re in a calorie deficit…….

Is to see if you’re losing weight or not!

Much love,

Jon ‘Quick maths’ Hall

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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