We’ve seen a lot of post on FaceyB recently.


Harking back to a time when ‘Britain Was Great’.


Now, there’s no doubting that from a world domination type perspective, Britain was in a better position than it is now 100+ years ago.


But, from the position of the average person in the street?


The people doing the harking back?


Surely, we’ve never had it so good.


If we’d lived 100 years ago, the majority of us would’ve left school aged 14 and worked ‘down tha pit’ for 12 hour days until we died aged about 50 from ‘black lung’.


Or, for most of those that are reading this, in a Silk Factory.


Nowadays most people live in what would have been luxurious conditions back then.


And get to go places and experience things the majority wouldn’t have dreamed of in Victorian times.


Although the world isn’t perfect, I think most would agree that the average person nowadays has never had it so good.


It’s human nature to think things used to be easier, better more fun, etc.


It’s part of the reason why there’s so many remakes / reboots / sequels nowadays.


The recession has left the public psyche even further entrenched in harking back to ‘better days’.


But our memory is always very selective.


We only remember the extremes.


The really good stuff.


And the really bad stuff.


And because a lot of it isn’t actually all that bad, it often seems the past was better.


Outside of deaths of loved ones, most of what happens to us usually isn’t all that bad when we look back.


Ultimately, whatever the case, there’s only one person that can make our lives better today.


And that person is, of course……..




Sure, it would be nice if somethings we different.


If we had ability to eat crap, not exercise and still be in shape, like some can.


It would always be nice if we had more time.


But we can’t.


There’s 168 hours in the week, whatever happens.


It’s up to us how we use them.


All we can do is work on the now.


And make the best of that 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘Why do the French mock us by calling us ‘Roast Beefs’ when Roast Beef is awesome and Frogs’ Legs are rubbish?’ Hall and Matt ‘I’m not Welsh, ok?’ Nicholson


Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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