Go on.


You know the next line, don’t you?


“I never needed anybody’s help in any way”


Easy that.


Slightly harder next couple of lines:


“But now these days are gone and I’m not so self assured”


“Now I find I’ve changed my mind, I’ve opened up the doors”


Help, by The Beatles, I assume you know.


Although I still remember the Bananarama (with French & Saunders and Kathy Burke) version for Red Nose Day.


Standard practice, isn’t it?


When we’re young, we don’t want anyone’s help.


We want to do everything ourselves.


Needing help is often seen as a “sign of weakness”.


But, the older we get……..


The more we realise that, while we don’t necessarily ‘need’ help……..


We will benefit from it.


All the best things come from an element of teamwork.


Very little in life is achieved by one person working completely alone.


Whether at work or in our personal lives.


By the time most people join us, they’ve spent somewhere between years and decades trying to do it ‘without help’.


Renting access to equipment at a gym.


Finding a diet on the internet.


And so on.


With a degree of success.


But, when they realise they can do better with help………


When they try us for the first time (myrise.co.uk/briefing-meeting)………


Or when they stop ‘just doing sessions’ and start using the suport systems on the app / members’ site……….


Or they come and talk to a coach about what they’re stuggling with, rather than just planning on “trying harder”………


When they accept help.


That’s when the magic happens 🙂



Much love,


‘Hey’ Jon Hall and Matt ‘Eleanor Rigby’ Nicholson


P.S. It always amazes us how many FitPros talk to people about accepting help and working with ‘an expert’…….. and then don’t do the same themselves. You’ve, hopefully, noticed that we work with other Coaches, mentors, business experts, etc, etc.


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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