Has anyone ever told you that “you should never look backwards”?

“The past is in the past” they might say.

And they’re kind of right.

We shouldn’t look backwards………

If we’re doing it ‘unskilfully’.

If we just lament our mistakes and negative experiences………

And ‘beat ourselves up’ over our perceived imperfections………

Then, yeah, that’s probably worth avoiding.

Looking backwards skilfully though……..

I’d thoroughly recommend that!

With no looking backwards, we can never learn from our experiences.

We can never make changes based on what we’ve found did or didn’t work.

With no looking backwards whatsoever, we’re doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again.

The greatest lessons we can ever learn are about ourselves.

And those lessons can only come from our experiences.

We can study the words of others endlessly with limited results.

Books, podcasts and courses all consumed but with little change created.

Studying ourselves, learning and growing will produce an infinitely higher return.

Not looking back in a race is fine because someone has already laid out the only route you can follow – life isn’t like that.

So, here’s some more skilful questions we can ask;

– What were our three biggest wins of the day / week (there are always three biggest wins, just we often take them for granted)?

– What didn’t go so well (no emotion, just the facts)?

– What can we learn from that?

Ultimately “not looking back” is impossible.

It’s going to happen.

We can just choose how we do it.

Skilfully or not.

Much love,

Jon ‘Guess who’s back, back again?’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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