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I mentioned in yesterday’s blog that I was actually in the Castle Museum in York last Tuesday when I claimed I was at Tumble Tots.


What (give or take an hour or so) I was doing when the blog came out, was taking the photo above (you can tell it’s me taking it from the ears on the shadow).


It was in a section on ‘The Body’.


People were able to take a tag and “Tell us how you feel about your body”.


My middle son had pointed it out to me because he thought it was hilarious that someone had written ‘Sexy’.


On further examination, the overwhelming majority of comments were fairly negative.


“Hate it”




“Fat pig”




And so on.


Which made me really sad.


There were only a few positive ones.


And a reasonable number along the lines of “I’ve learned to accept it”


Only a relatively small sample size, sure.


But the huge majority, at least, not happy with their bodies.


Which is a shame.


It is hard nowadays to be happy with our bodies.


We get bombarded daily with images of the 1 or 2% of the population that have what our society considers to be the ideal body.


Lean, wrinkle-free and toned.


Men (give or take) as much as women nowadays.


A lot of pressure to look a certain way.


While what we do at RISE in Macclesfield is all about helping people change their bodies………..


Learning to Love and Accept Our Bodies


A big part of that journey is often accepting your body for what it is.


Learning to love it.


To treat it with love, care and respect.


Hating our body into change rarely works, long term, from our experience.


It sounds counter intuitive, but, from my experience, lasting change often comes from learning to love and accept our bodies but wanting better for and from them 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘LMFAO’ Hall and Matt ‘Timberlake’ Nicholson


P.S. If hating your body into change hasn’t worked for you (or a friend) so far, we’re less than two weeks from the next ‘find out more’ meeting – check the briefing meeting at RISE in Macclesfield for info and booking!


P.P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to cover probably the biggest shift in approach that I find people make which brings them success after struggling previously!


P.P.P.S. Go on then, two bonus ninja points for those middle names 🙂



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Learning to Love and Accept Our Bodies

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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