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I’ve mentioned peer groups in here before.

“Groups of people we will change our behaviour to fit in with”

We all have various peer groups in our lives.

Some that operate at a higher standard.

Some which do the opposite.

If we’re telling ourselves that we don’t change our “behaviour to fit in with anyone” then we’re lying to ourselves.

We don’t behave exactly the same around everyone we encounter do we?

Talk to our kids the same way we talk to our mates?

Behave in front of our parents or work colleagues like we behave on a night out?

And it’s human nature to be pulled towards the different groups at different times for different reasons.

Moving towards the group that operates at a higher standard requires us to up our game.

Moving towards the group that operates at a lower standard means we can lower our standards.

One of those choices in considerably easier than the other.

It doesn’t mean we have to extricate ourselves completely from any groups.

Just maybe look where we’re moving towards and why?

None of our mates live lives that we’d like to replicate?

Is lowering our standards to fit in with them really the answer?

By eating and drinking like they do.

Adopting the same approach to exercise or to meditation or other lifestyle practices.

By binge watching boxsets and doom scrolling until it’s too late to possibly get enough sleep.

By using the same terms they do – “I deserve this, I’ve had a hard day” or “Sod it, I’ll start again on Monday”.

The best peer group you can move towards to help you raise your standards?

It’s right here at RISE.

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It’s why members sometimes don’t come in for Sessions when they’re struggling elsewhere in life.

It can make people feel bad about those other decisions.

It can be easier to move towards that peer group that encourages those lowering of standards (in those areas, at least).

We get that.

It’s easier.

But the easiest path rarely takes us where we want to go to.

Again, it doesn’t mean we can never see some of those people in our lives again (we can and still enjoy their company)……………..

But the peer group we move towards will be the one whose average behaviour we model to fit in.

And remembering that is powerful!

Much love,

Jon ‘of the realm’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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