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I mentioned in last Wednesday’s blog about a conversation I had with Mark.

I had another conversation that day.

Several actually.

But I’ll share this one with Jos with you.

It was after checking out her food diary on MyFitnessPal.

As I often find, it had a reasonable amount of small portions of relatively high calorie density foods in.

Ie: She wasn’t getting much volume of food for the calories that would help her lose weight.

And was hungry because of that.

I suggested she could look at having some more lower calorie density foods.

Not exclusively.

Not cutting out some of the higher calorie density stuff which, let’s face it, is usually tastier.

But just changing the balance a bit.

Let’s say Food A has 500 calories per 100g.

Food B has 100 calories per 100g.

For 1,000 calories you could have 200g of Food A.

Or a kilo of Food B.

Currently having a meal that is 150g of Food A and 250g of Food B for a total of 400g for 1,000 calories?

You could change that to 100g of A and 500g of B for 50% more food for the same cals.

Or 50g of A and 500g of B for 37.5% more food than the first example but 25% less calories.

Or some other combination.

One of my replies summed it up for me:

“You’d be amazed how much food I get for my calories some days
Kilos worth
Is it marginally less exciting?
Is being full (or not hungry at least) a nicer long term feeling than a moment on the lips?
I’d say so.”

If we go really high density we’re basically left with hungry or fat.

Redress that balance and we can have food we find perfectly nice and enjoyable……..

And that will enable us to lose (or maintain) weight.

It doesn’t have to one or the other.

Much love,

Jon ‘Flo Rida’ Hall

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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