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Which of the following is better if you’re trying to lose weight?


Pizza or salad?


Coke or water?


Cake or no cake?


I presume in each case you’ll have chosen the second option.


And, although it is, obviously, portion specific (for the first one anyway) you’re right.


Go for the second options instead of the first and, all else being equal, you’ll lose weight (or, I suppose, maintain or gain it more slowly than before, dependant on what was happening.


These are common substitutions that people make when trying to lose weight.


Perfectly valid approaches.


But the problems often arise when there are no ‘shades of grey’ between those black and white options.


When we get fed up of not having cake and go mental on it.


Get bored of water and go back to loads of full fat coke.


Can’t face another salad and swing via Domino’s for enough to feed a family.


When we could go for a just less cake than we had before.


Or diet coke and water as our two main drinks.


Or some pizza, some salad, some meat, some veg, some fruit, etc, etc.


All or nothing thinking can help in some areas of our lives.


And if it works for you, crack on.


If it doesn’t………..


Remember there’s things inbetween.


The shades of grey that will still get you there.


If the weekly average is still sufficiently ‘white’, you’re good 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Diet coke and a pizza please’ Hall and Matt ‘Grace Kelly’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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