Those of you that have me as a friend on Facebook may have noticed that I got the boys what I think is a pretty cool present for Christmas.


The week before Christmas an old friend of mine from my wrestling days became the first ever English World Heavyweight Champion.


I messaged him on Facebook to congratulate him and cheekily ask if, when they’re over here touring the UK in a few weeks, he might be able to spare a few minutes to meet the boys, and have their photo taken with him and the belt.


He very kindly said yes, so three weeks tonight, the boys will be getting a photo op their little buddies will be forever jealous of šŸ™‚


I don’t watch wrestling regularly, but like to see how my old friends are getting on.


I’ve caught up with all the stuff related to Nick (as I know him) becoming the champion over the last few weeks.


In the story line he has ‘sold out’ on the fans and sided with the company owner in order to get to the title.


And his appearances since have been accompanied by chants of “You sold out”.


It’s a chant that’s used a lot in wrestling in similar situations.


But in real life we get very few situations in life where we can or would ‘sell out’ for a big gain.


You know – that one big decision that could change things forever.


Instead we are faced with daily choices that can either take us closer to or further away from who we want to be.


Hourly or minutely choices really.


Everything we chose to eat.


Every drink we have.


Every exercise, sleep or stress based decision we make.


Can potentially take us closer to or further from the person we want to be.


It’s in those little decisions that we can ‘sell out’.


Abandoning our principles and what we believe for some other short term gain.


And it’s too easily done.


Mostly on auto-pilot.


Reacting rather than responding.


We all do it – last night I had a couple of G&Ts after a slightly stressful day.


Then immediately asked myself why I’d done that.


So all I can advise is to try and be more conscious of your decisions.


When you’re doing something (anything) just take 2 seconds to think if that decision is inline with your values.


Is it helping take you nearer where you want to be?


Or further away?


Are you responding?


Or reacting?


Are you ‘selling out’?



Much love,


Jon ‘Generally drink more than I should’ Hall and Matt ‘Me too’ Nicholson


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