In case you didn’t see it on Facebook over the weekend…….

We held the ‘RISE Olympics’.
On Saturday.
Was an awesome event.
Dozens of members took part.
Each going for a Personal Best on an exercise of their choice.
Whether that be a maximal weight, as many reps as they could, how long they could hold something for, etc.
The atmosphere was awesome.
Everyone encouraging each other to reach new heights.
It really reminded me of the general ethos of RISE.
Which is about improving YOURSELF.
Not trying to beat others.
They was a variety of different weights being lifted, versions of exercises done, etc.
But the key was that no one was competing against anyone else.
They were competing against themselves!
Against what they’d done before.
Continuing to work towards a better version of themselves (

if you, or a friend, like the sound of that).

Most of our ‘contemporaries’ still run things as a ‘competition’.
Where there are winners and losers.
And, whilst that, of course, has its place……..
We don’t find it the best approach for most people.
For most it just reconfirms their long held opinion that they’re “not good enough”.
That others are “doing better” than them.
The thing is though……
That unless you are a Usain Bolt, Eddie Hall, etc…….
There’ll always be someone ‘doing better’ than you.
For most that consistently ‘win’ at competitions……..
It usually means that they’re not competing at high enough a level.
It’s not ‘medals for everyone’ though.
Not a prize for just turning up.
It’s recognition, respect and reward for bettering yourself.
That, over a time frame that 99% of the population have ‘slid’ further back……..
You’ve improved yourself in some way.
Stronger, faster, fitter and healthier than your were a month a year ago.
More patient, more relaxed and calmer than you were.
A better partner, parent, friend, employee than you used to be.
A better you!
That’s the way we roll 🙂
Much love,
Jon ‘Didn’t hit my deadlift PB, but it’s coming’ Hall and Matt ‘
P.S. We also had an awesome time at the BBQ on Friday – great turnout despite the weather 🙂
P.P.S. I know I’d said I’d let you know about my Ninja Warrior Audition. I’ll cover that tomorrow. And then a confusing exchange with ‘Cannonball Claire’ on Wednesday.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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