Who wants to feel better? [Anyone say no?]

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Us human beings don’t like not feeling good, do we?


Our brain is really good at finding ways to make us feel better.

If only temporarily.

Unfortunately there’s often an indirect correlation between what makes us feel better immediately and what makes us feel better longer term.

Food, alcohol, drugs, gambling, gossiping and many other behaviours make us feel better right now.

But often make us feel worse overall.

Exercise, hydrating, eating well, sleep, meditation, destressing practices and others make us feel better more consistently over time.

But don’t do much in the here and now.

Or, sometimes, make us feel worse in some ways.

It’s a different type of “feeling better” too – I’ll cover that tomorrow.

As always, balance is the key.

No behaviours that make us feel good right now doesn’t feel doable for 99.9% of the population (ourselves included).

No behaviours that make us feel good longer term lead us never actually feeling all that good – just less bad for the short period those immediate hits still apply.

Everyone’s balance is different.

But it’s easy to know if your balance is right.

Are you happy with how you feel the majority of the time?

If not, hard as it may seem, a move more in one of those directions should help 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Dirk Feelgood’ Hall

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