For those of you that don’t already know, at our RISE s, at Macclesfield, we have a questions board.

The purpose of the questions board is for members to ask things they aren’t sure about and to ask for additional help and direction in these areas.

One of the recent questions at the Buxton RISE was “Why am I always hungry?”

Why am I hungry

Now, the simple answer to this question is because you’re not eating enough food.

However, we realize that this question really meant why has this person’s appetite increased since they made the changes to their diets that we recommend.

The answer to this is that their body is now working much more effectively.

The energy being consumed is being directed to the right places.

The energy available to them has increased as less is diverted into fat stores.

Why am I hungry 3 -

Because of this, a person would be become more active and do more things and require yet more energy.

As their mental clarity and focus improves they’ll again do more and require more energy still.

If you’re eating the right things, if you’re just eating natural healthy foods in a good balance of protein, fats and carbs, and you’re still hungry, then eat more.

Millions of years of evolution have taken care of our appetite – if we’re eating the right things and our body tells us we’re hungry – we’d need more

Why am I hungry 2

If it’s telling us we’ve had enough, then we don’t.

However our appetite has become confused with processed foods, particularly sugars, and the effect they have on our hormonal balance, particularly insulin.

So, when people have a unhealthy diet they can feel hungry even though they have sufficient energy and fat stores in the food they’re taking in for their requirements.

I genuinely, in 10 years in the fitness industry, have yet to encounter a single person who’s gained weight purely by eating too much – i.e. someone who’s eaten the right things, natural healthy food stuffs in a good balance but just happens to have overestimated how much they need by say 10%.

So if you are eating natural healthy foods in the right balance, and your body tells you you’re hungry – eat more!

Why am I hungry 4

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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