I mentioned in one of last week’s blogs that I’d been to Alton towers with my sons, my sister, nephew, niece and two of my eldest’s friends and one of my niece’s friends.
Lovely day it was.
But quite full on.
Managing four children (my sister was in charge of her three) was a tad fatiguing.
So I had a tactical coffee to keep my going.
When I ordered it, the young lady enquired “Would you like any chocolate bars or crisps with that?”
Remimded me of the old Jack Dee sketch.
But I refrained from replying “Yeah, and why don’t you stick a f***ing sausage in there”.
It’s here if you don’t know what I’m talking about (most rarely do) – https://youtu.be/1dBjvLQSsPU
It’s the classic ‘up sell’.
Offering you more stuff they can sell you at ‘point of sale’.
Restaurants ask if you’d like a starter / dessert / popadoms / side dishes even if you don’t ask for them.
Fast food chains will ask if you want to “go large” or, as Jack Dee points out, “have fries with that?”.
Even newsagents now ask if you want a massive bar of chocolate with your newspaper.
We, of course, get it.
It’s a way for the vendor to increase their revenue and profits.
And it clearly works.
But the point of this email is to ‘gently remind’ you that you don’t have to ‘go for the upsell’.
If you regularly do and have weight you’d like to lose, then not having done it for the last few years would see you a number of lbs lighter.
And a number of £s better off.
So, next time you’re offered more (usually unhealthy) food – remember the immortal words of Jack Dee.
“Yeah, and why don’t you stick a f***ing sausage in there”.
And see if you still go for it.
Much love,
Jon ‘Upsie Daisy’ Hall and Matt ‘Pinky Ponk’ Nicholson”

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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