How my family is fat……



There is a good saying in the fitness industry….”People don’t take advice for free”


I never really realised this until my Mum’s boyfriend nearly died at Christmas.


You see my Mum was always very athletic when she was younger; She used to do high jump and 400m at school and was very slim up to her mid 40’s.


In-theory if someone in the same house a Personal trainer they should be super fit?


Well you would think so wouldn’t you but no.


Everything I tell my mum she will prob do the opposite.




She actually did the 28 day body transformation in Nov last year, lost 8lbs of real fat then because of what happened to her boyfriend she went back to her old ways.


You see her fella had to have his 2nd valve transplant in his heart and he is only 47.


Years of drinking, eating the wrong foods and not exercising this is what happens.




We were sat in the hospital just before Christmas after being told his operation did not go well. The doctors told us he has very little chance of making it through the night.


It just felt like de-ja-vue with my Father 3 ½ years earlier, A lifestyle of bad habits suddenly catch up with you.


Anyway cutting a long story short 9 days later he came off the life support and 33 days later he was out of hospital. It was touch and go and we were told to say our goodbyes twice.


He lost around 55lbs of weight when he was in hospital and looked better for it imo.




When we got home I said quite seriously “Right you guys need to change, Mum you need to support him and eat right.”


Remember I see these people everyday….


This lasted for a bout 2 weeks. Then….it went back to there old ways.


He still drinks multiple times a week, They eat many bad meals a week, I think I see homemade chips there every night now. Full bags of sweets in the evening + cans of Guinness and wine.


He has put a lot of weight on since he came out of hospital as well.




The thing is…… I would give him 5 years until he meets his maker, at the rate he is going maybe less.


It makes me sad how no matter what I say nothing will change them.


I also said this about my Dad, I said he will have 2 years left if he carry’s on…3 years later he dies.


But I have had clients who I tell the same advice to and they have changed there lives forever.


The difference….”People don’t take advice free”


I am always happy to give my advice but it what YOU do with it that will make it happen.




I can tell you exactly how to get a 6 pack….How to get rid of the bingo wings….How to feel amazing all day every day but will you implement it and actually do it?


Think about it……..


Remember you can always email me at with any questions….As long as you implement them J


Much love


Matthew “Wish they would listen” Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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