Oh, here we go again Jon.

Always banging on about planning.

I’m going to keep banging on about it.

Until you do it.

And then do the things that will generate the results that you desire.

I’ll continue to question how many times you have to tell yourself “I know what I need to do, I just need to do it” before changing your approach.

And I’ll continue to challenge justifications we give for not planning more.

Because most of them aren’t true.

And we might give a variety of reasons for not planning both what we would like to achieve and the steps needed to be taken to get there.

Those reasons are often underpinned by one thing.

Planning creates the conditions of perceived failure.

By setting a very specific intent to do something, we then open ourselves up to it not happening and us considering that we’ve failed.

And I get that.

No one likes feeling that way.

But it’s always worth remembering that if we don’t plan to do something, we’re definitely not doing it.

The “not doing it” has happened in both of those situations.

All the planning did was make that situation more visible.

But it also made it MORE likely that we would do the thing.

If we don’t do something that we fundamentally want to do……..

Then we failed to do it whether we planned the steps or not.

Creating plans and setting intentions is a brave choice at times.

We open ourselves up to the potential of us and other people knowing that it’s not happened.

But sometimes in life we just have to make brave choices.

Set the plans.

Reverse engineer the steps.

Schedule what needs to be done.

Make it happen as much as we can.

Accept that sometimes it won’t.

But that, overall, we’ll get more done by planning (and, I can absolutely guarantee it, with a genuine Money Back Guarantee, that much more will get done by clicking this link and doing our 4 Week Trial —> www.myrise.co.uk/apply) .

Much love,

Jon ‘My degree dissertation was on ‘Reverse Engineering’ Hall


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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