Even if you aren’t a rugby fan, you’ll have noticed that we got eliminated from the Rugby World Cup in the group stages after defeats to Wales and Australia.


Kind dissapointing when you’re hosts.


And all the other ‘Home Nations’ get through.



I’ve seen and heard various ‘dissections’ of the reasons behind the loses.


Some pointing out certain key decisions that, if they’d gone a different way may have led to a different result.


Or choices we made during the game that might have been better another way.


Particularly in the Wales game.


But they aren’t really the reasons we lost.


Sure they’re the visible moment of failure.


But has generally happens in sport, its everything that comes before that that makes it more or less likely that these integral moments go your way.


The training, the management, the team selection, the grass roots level of the game, etc.




Tis the same with our ‘visible moments of failure’ on our journeys to better bodies, health, etc.


We concentrate on the point where we ate that cake.


Or had that bottle of wine at the end of a stressful day.


Or missed that workout.


But, again, its everything that comes before that that makes it more or less likely that these integral moments go your way.


If we neglect to make sure we have healthy food in our house and minimal crap…………


If we don’t put the time and effort into working on and challenging our beliefs and habits relating to food and exercise…………


If we don’t work on learning new methods of de-stressing (exercise, yoga, meditation, etc)………….


If we don’t work on creating an ‘calendar’ that includes regular exercise………….


Then we’re hugely reducing the chance of these ‘crunch decisions’ going our way.


Look at what the first stages of your ‘failures’ are.


What instigates them?


What makes them more likely?


What do you need to work on to mean that the rest of it is as likely as possible?


And go work on that 🙂



Much love,


Jon ‘My 5 year old is convinced he’s going to win the Rugby World Cup when he’s older’ Hall and Matt ‘Prefer football’ Nicholson


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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