As humans we have a habit of over complicating things in our minds.


It validates our reasons for not taking action you see.


As always we’re as guilty as anyone in some areas.


No one’s immune.


It helps to be aware of it though.


Most things in life are very simple.


The instructions for pretty much everything you want to do could be written on the back of a stamp.










Success in life if often a case of just applying the basics consistently over time.


People often come and ask us questions because they are “confused”.


Or “unsure”.


There’s no need to be, because we’ve generally told them exactly what they need to do.


By over complicating it in their head, it then gives the excuse that it’s “too complicated” or “I’ve got too much on to do this” or “I can’t get my head round this”.


Again, we aren’t saying it’s easy.


Here’s the stamp with the instructions on how to get in shape.


Apply that consistently for months and years.


That’ll get you a good 80-90% of the way there.


You can look at more advanced stuff when the results of that level off.


You may still have challenges to over come to do that.


But next time you find that you’re telling yourself the story that it’s complicated or confusing, remind yourself of this.


Take away that and you’ll get to the real things that need to be dealt with.


Or you’ll just do it 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Simple Is As Simple Does’ Hall and Matt ‘ Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates’ Nicholson


P.S. Big, big day tomorrow. We’ll be emailing you a little earlier (10am) to tell you about it.

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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