It’s a common conversation that I have with people where they use a word that, from my experience, is a key killer of progress and momentum.


People will tell me how they “feel” things are going.

“I just don’t feel I’m getting my money’s worth”

“It’s doesn’t feel like it’s working”

“I don’t feel that I eat all that much”

“I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere”

You know the kind of thought process I’m talking about.

And it’s a powerful realisation that anytime we talk about how we “feel” about something, we’re essentially just guessing.

An “educated guess” maybe.

But a guess nonetheless.

If we make plans……..

Schedule the steps……..

Record our progress and wins……….

Then we’re basing things on fact.

On measurements.

If it’s not then going how we’d like, we have something to work on.

Data to analyze.

An actual ‘problem’ to solve.

If you told your boss at work how you “felt” about how things we’re going, they would probably ask you for some key measures.


It’s a common conversation that I have with people that they say “I like to keep things a bit more free”.

To “go with the flow”.

And I get that.

But if the “flow” isn’t taking us where we’d want to go, then a plan of how to change that will make getting where we want to be more likely.

And, if you want to feel better about how things are going, I’ve got a super easy way to do that.

Every day, write down your three biggest wins of the day.

No matter how big or small you see them.

No matter how you’re tempted to ‘write them off’ as “expected behaviour”.

Write them down.

At the end of the year you’ll have over a thousand.

And, more than anything, doing that will change how you view things and encourage you to do even more.

I do this every day as part of my coaching programme.

And, when I review my daily wins, I know they are greater and more frequent for being on that programme!

Much love,

Jon ‘feel schmiel’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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