You’ll often hear people who have achieved a goal say that the reason those who haven’t done that “Just don’t want it badly enough”

Not the most helpful approach in my experience.

But there is something we can get from that.

Chances are, if you’ve struggled to hit a goal before, it’s because it’s been framed in a way that you actually don’t want all that much.

Do you want to exercise three times a week?

Probably not.

I know I don’t.

Do you want to deprive yourself of the foods you enjoy?

Probably not.

I know I don’t.

Do you want to drink less caffeine and alcohol and more water?

Probably not.

I know I don’t.

The things we need to do (the process goals) are, as we’ve mentioned before, essential to have in mind.

To achieve regularly on the way to that outcome goal.

But without that outcome goal, no one wants to do the processes, I’m sure.

If we could have the bodies we want while eating and drinking anything and not exercising, I’m sure we would.

I know I would.

An outcome goal that we care about tied into these process goals is how it all comes together.

But it has to be a goal that we care about.

Not some version of a goal that we think we should have.

Not some goal we’ve kinda just inherited from someone else and think is also our own.

If we’re not all that inspired by the position of a needle on a scale, we might be by living longer (all else being equal).

By having more energy.

By a better sex life.

By sleeping better.

By being able to keep up with the kids.

Or the grand-kids.

Or being able to do some activity that inspires us.

No right or wrong.

Your goal is your goal.

What you want to get from exercise and a healthier lifestyle is up to you.

And only you know what you actually care about.

If you’re not sure, just keep asking yourself “Why?” like an annoying child.

“I want to lose weight”


“Erm, I want to feel better”


And so on until you run out of answers.

Chances are what you end up with is something you do “want badly enough”.

That, when tied in with those minimum achievable process goals.

And with not ‘writing it off’ when it doesn’t go according to plan.

Will lead you, over time, to where you want to be

Much love,

Jon ‘No Delilah, just thought it made a better title’ Hall

P.S. Getting a bit deeper on goals and how important they are to people and then realising that the same, old same old options will probably lead to another year of not getting there is the step many have taken before they start with us. Check if you’ve accepted that just joining the gym or slimming club won’t do it yet again!


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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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