We mentioned yesterday that we had our monthly assessments on Monday.

The first lot of ’20lbs in 8 weeks challengers’ have just finished.

Got some amazing results.

Several of the guys and girls losing mid to upper 20lbs.

And some not making the 20lbs target.

Afterwards, in the club and on Facebook there was much discussion as to why.

“Why did so-and-so lose more weight than me?”.

As always, on further inspection, the results are always a direct correlation of how much people have ‘followed the instructions’ and the result they’ve got.

And, ultimately, how honest people have been with themselves.

People often initially think they’ve been doing it right.

Or at least think they think that.

Asking themselves a few key questions usually gives them a bit more clarity on what’s actually been happening.

As always, we do everything we can to support people on their journey.

Help them change their mind sets, habits, etc.

But they still need to DO IT.

If you’re still doing the following, there’s your answer as to why someone else is getting better results then you:
Having the “odd biscuit” (or cake, or pudding, etc)
Smashing the alcohol of a weekend
Not drinking enough water
Not doing what you can to maximise quality and amount of sleep
Still having cereal / toast / fruit juice for brekkie in the week, because “it’s easier” and you’re “in a rush”.
Allowing things that make it harder to become justifications ie: “Because I was tired”, “Because it was half term”, “Because it was …….”.

You get the idea.

Whether you’re working with us or not, being honest with yourself is key.

If you’re not getting the results you’d like, now is the time to have a good think about why.

And what you can put in place to change this 🙂

Much love,

Jon ‘Used to be fat, remember’ Hall and Matt ‘Me too’ Nicholson

Why’ve they lost so much weight? Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss gym

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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