One of the reasons we run our free monthly briefing meetings is that we appreciate that a lot of people have concerns about coming to work with us before they start.


The briefing meetings are designed to a be a no pressure, no sales, explanation of what we do at RISE so that people can have their concerns put to rest before trying us out.


There’s the last few places available for next Monday and Tuesday’s meeting by the way – you or a friend can apply for a place at


The two main concerns are usually related to the food side of it and the exercise side of it.


You know – questions like “Will the diet be really restrictive / hard to follow / complicated / hard to fit in my life, etc?”.


And “Will the exercise be really hard / will I be the fattest or most unfit there / will I be made to feel bad / will I not know what to do, etc?”


We’ve talked a lot in recent emails about the eating side of it.


And how, it’s not a diet.


Not cutting stuff out.


But a journey of change in which the way people see what they eat and how they live transform by itself as they grow and change.


So – today’s email is about the exercise side of it.


As those of you that currently work with us know, it’s as hard as you want to make it.


Having a coach in every session means you know how to adjust the difficulty to it’s just right for you.


Goldilocks exercise – not too easy, not too hard.


And that there are all shapes and sizes there – some just starting their journey, some a long way down it.


But I want to talk today about how being the fattest / most unfit one there isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


In the right situation.


On a lot of the courses we go on, we often feel like the least able ones there.


There’s often some very smart dudes on these courses and we have to work hard to keep up.


But, that’s a good thing.


We wouldn’t learn much if we were the smartest ones there.


There are courses out there that we’ve done in the past that we would probably find super easy.


But that wouldn’t do much for us.


I’ve mentioned before that “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.


Being surrounded by people smarter than us should make us smarter.


Being surrounded by people slimmer and fitter than you should make you slimmer and fitter.


In the right environment.


We wouldn’t like courses where were made to feel stupid by the others on it.


And we appreciate a lot of people don’t like gyms as they are made to feel bad about their shape and / or fitness levels.


The courses we go on are full of supportive people all in the same boat, pulling each other along.


And we’ve worked hard to create that sort of atmosphere at RISE.


One where no one is made to feel bad, but the group pulls each other along on our shared journey.


So, if you want to find out more about this atmosphere, check out


And, if you’re already working with us – keep it up, we’re all on the same journey together.


Much love,


Jon ‘Currently studying some new brain science stuff’ Hall and Matt ‘Testing new techniques for 6 packs’ Nicholson


P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to cover what we (me particualrly) can learn from Joe McElderry.

Yes – him from The X-Factor.

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Jon Hall

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