I had a little thought whilst on hols last week.

A little test that I thought you might be interested in doing.
That should be through provoking to us all.
Firstly, I’d like you to have a guess.
Of how many times we put something in our mouth each day.
Food and drink only, I mean 😉
Meals, snacks and all drinks.
Each individual sip or mouthful.
Have a little guess now.
Go on, I’ll give you a minute.
I’ll wait.
You can let me know if you like.
Or just keep it in mind.
Then between now and 11am tomorrow (or whatever time you read these if you’re a non-conformist bad-ass), take a count.
Each and every time something goes in your mouth.
Much love,
Jon ‘Food and drink only remember 😉 ‘ Hall and Matt ‘Filthy minds the lot of you’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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