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A few weeks ago my middle son Jamie was at a football tournament and Oli, Charlie and I went to watch (Alex and Izzie were watching the musical Wicked in Leeds with Auntie Linsey).


After one of the games, Jamie came to me and said that one of the other boys had been offered £5 per goal by his Dad.


It was £5 of V-Bucks for spending on the game Fortnite actually.


And he asked if I’d offer him the same.


“Definitely not” I said.


“Scoring the goal is the reward. Doing well and being happy with your performance is the reward. Winning the game is the reward”


“I’ll buy you stuff because I love you. And I’ll give you things to generally recognise and reward effort. But I’ll never pay you to do something that is the thing you want to be doing”.


weight loss rewards


Approaches like this are nice in theory.


But don’t work well for motivation longer term.


We help someone out for free because we want to and it’s all good.


Start receiving money for it and it feels “like work”.


Studies that have tried giving people financial incentives to lose weight have never worked.


Paying people £X per pound of weight loss leads to short term quicker progress, but longer term worse results.


Weight Loss Rewards


It’s the losing weight and all that comes with it that is the reward.


The feeling better is the reward.


Increased energy levels is the reward.


Less aches and pains is the reward


Better sleep is the reward.


More confidence is the reward.


Having your partner want to have more sex with you is the reward.


Being able to go out and do anything you might want to is the reward.


Setting a great example to your kids is the reward (check how we work at RISE in Macclesfield if you like the sound of any / all of these weight loss rewards).


The result is the reward.


It’s easy to lose sight of this along the way.


But, hopefully, that’s been a useful reminder 🙂


Much love,


Jon ‘Floss’ Hall and Matt ‘Orange Justice’ Nicholson


P.S. They are ‘dances’ from Fortnite. If you already know that, let me know and you can have a ninja point as you, presumably, have a child that plays it and, probably, gets grumpy when they have to come off.



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