We were chatting to some of our ninjas during coaching day last Monday.


And they were talking about how they found it hard to stop ‘letting other things’ get in the way of their workouts, healthy eating, sleep, etc.


In the conversation we all came to the realisation that this was down to how they were perceiving these things.


And the problem of short term vs. long term consequences.


Their were plenty of things in their life that they didn’t really fancy doing.


But did.


Because they viewed them as ‘non negotiables’.


Because the effect of not doing them would be bad.


And immediate.


You could chose not to get up for work because you’re tired.


But you’d probably get fired.


You could chose not to pick the kids up from school because you were busy doing something else.


But you’d quickly get a visit from Social Services.


The consequences of choosing to eat unhealthily or not exercise are, arguably, just as important.


You increase the risk of pretty much every illness and disease.


You are, statistically speaking, more likely to die younger.


There’s a greater chance you’ll be unhappy with the way you look and feel.


The consequences are a bit more ‘cumulative’ though, aren’t they?


“One won’t make a difference, will it?”.


Well – it depends how we chose to see it.


All everything is is how we chose to perceive it.


For the last 12 years I’ve chosen to view my workouts, healthy eating, etc in certain way.


Some might consider it a bit extreme.


But it works.


In my pro-sports mid 20s it was “If I miss this workout, that other guy who’s doesn’t miss his will get my spot”.


Nowadays it’s more “If I miss this workout, I’ll probably leave my kids sooner than I have to”.


“Workout or die”.


Or “If I don’t eat healthily most of the time, I’ll end up less happy”.


You could argue the point, but this approach has meant I’ve not missed a workout in 12 years.


Some have to be rescheduled.


Some a but rushed or abbreviated.


Some a bit half hearted.


And I’ve eaten healthily the vast majority of the time.


By classing them as ‘non negotiables’, I’ve got them done.


And I’m pretty happy with the result.


Don’t dismiss it till you’ve given it a go.


Start scheduling workouts, food shops and food prep in your diary / planner.


Consider them in the same way you do work stuff.


It can be rescheduled, but you can’t ‘just not do it’.


See how you get on.



Much love,


Jon ‘Non negotaible’ Hall and Matt ‘Doesn’t negotiate with terrorists’ Nicholson

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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