I mentioned on Tuesday at there are, unofficially, two top meme posters at RISE.

Jon (the other one).

And Lorna.

The other day Lorna posted one that I immediately copied and sent to my family group on WhatsApp.

It was an old painting of someone gesturing with their hand and a slightly annoyed look on their face.

With a caption of “This painting is titled: Would it hurt you to put the dirty bowl in the dishwasher?”.

Because, I’ll be honest, tiding and cleaning up after themselves is a bone of contention between me and the other family members.

I regularly find bowls put on the side right next to the dishwasher.

Dirty clothes on the floor next to the dirty clothes basket.

Piles of clean clothes on the floor inches from the draw they’re supposed to go in.

It’s a source of frustration for me.

But there’s two things that I can realise from this situation.

Two things that you might notice when you’re frustrated by the behaviour of others.

1. I often enable that behaviour

I tidy up after them whilst chuntering under my breath.

In the same way that we might get frustrated at someone offering us cake, biscuits and alcohol.

But we then take them.

If we always say “No” the first five times and then “Yes” on the sixth……

We’re just teaching people to ask us six times.

If we’re consistent is our response to other people’s behaviour…….

If we don’t just do the things that they (maybe subconsciously) want us to do…….

They’re infinitely more likely to change what they’re doing.

2. Other people care less about things that are important to us

The kids especially aren’t that bothered about their rooms being tidy.

And, to be fair, I’m sure I probably wasn’t at the same age.

And other people will always care less than we do about the things that we want to do.

That’s not a bad thing.

We care less about their stuff than they do.

When we really stop and think, expecting other people to change in this way is a form of control.

And we don’t like it when other people trying to control us.

So other people are never going to like us trying to control them.

What we can perhaps do is help make other people aware of the benefits that they do care about.

We’re going to make it a condition of the three bigger kids’ allowances that they make their beds and put their clothes away.

They might not care about tidiness.

But they care about money.

Always remember “What’s in it for them?”.

And, if we can put things across in that way, That much more likely to do the thing that would help us out.

Much love,

Jon ‘Marigolds’ Hall

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Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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