Would you do Heart FM’s ‘Make me a millionaire’? [Bird in the hand and all that]

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I was driving along (singing a song) the other day……..

When I heard the DJ on the radio talk about a competition.

Heart FM’s “Make me a millionaire”

You can text in to enter (at a cost)…….

And each day someone wins an amount of money (between 1 and 30 thousand last year apparently – 7k in this case).

They can then choose to keep that money or be entered into the draw for £1 million with the others that have done the same.

What would you do in this case?

A million quid is a lot of money.

I’d be tempted.

But let’s change the question.

You’ve got 30 grand in the bank.

Would you put it on a horse at 33 to 1?

Or you’ve got £7,000.

Would you put it on something 150 to 1?

I know I wouldn’t.

Not a chance.

But the first version feels very different, doesn’t it?

We’re worried we’d always question if we “should’ve gone for it”.

The second we’d think was a terrible idea to even consider.

Rephrasing the same situation can often help us see it differently.

Have loads when it’s a buffet / free meal / all inclusive / free bar?


Would you gain weight, reduce energy and have a body you like the look and feel of less if I paid you?

Probably not.

That “getting our money’s worth” or “making the most of” mindset feels very different, doesn’t it?

But it doesn’t have to.

“Leaving that workout for today because I’m tired and busy” versus “Feeling worse when I could feel better and having less energy tomorrow”.

“Having a drink because ‘I’ve earned it'” versus “Temporarily sedating, but not actually helping and, maybe, making it worse overall”.

If we reframe the way we see the same thing(s), we may make more of the decisions that benefit us overall.

Much love,

‘Who wants to be a’ Jon Hall

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