Would you like a fat pill? – Macclesfield Personal Trainer weight loss advice


I’ve mentioned the ‘Fat Pill’ concept in previous articles.

Its a Paradigm Shift that we’ve used with many people over the years.

Next time you are tempted by something you know is unhealthy, consider it your head as a ‘fat pill’.

It tastes just as tasty, is just as convenient and just as cheap as whatever you’re being offered.

It’ll make you feel just as nice (short term) as what you’re tempted to eat will.

But it’s a little tablet.

Called a ‘Fat pill’.

Specifically designed, with just the optimal mix of contents, to make you gain body fat.


Would you like it?


I thought not.

That’s essentially what those biscuits, crips, cakes, chocolate covered sugar bars, etc are.

If I wanted to design something that would make you gain fat as quickly as possible, it would be very similar to these things.

High sugar, low protein.

Plenty of hydrogenated fats (the fats to avoid) in most cases.


So next time you see it, visual in your head that the label say ‘Fat Pill’.

The next time your friend offers your one, imagine s/he is saying “Would you like a fat pill?”.


Give it a go – you’ll be surprised how well it works!


Much love,


Jon “No fat pills thanks” Hall

Jon Hall
Jon Hall

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